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Who would win in a fight Kakashi or Yamato?

Who would win in a fight Kakashi or Yamato?

Kakashi has the ability to win. But Yamato has more chakra and the cells of the first Hokage so he can use wood style. He can create wood clones, which can trick Kakashi. Because they are the most indistinguishable aside from the shadow clones.

Who is stronger Yamato or hashirama?

Yamato could NEVER overpower Hashirama. The two shinobi can not even be compared, Hashirama is on a completely different scale of power than Yamato. Yamato is only able to use wood release because he was merely an experiment of Orochimaru. Hashirama is the REAL DEAL.

Who would win kakashi or Tsunade in a fight?

Kakashi is a very fast, and shrewd shinobi, so for him to let Tsunade hit him in the head is preposterous. Furthermore, Kakashi’s offensive powers, such as Kamui, far surpass that of Tsunade’s. If the two ever fight, Kakashi would emerge as the victor.

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Can Kakashi defeat Momoshiki with ninjutsu?

Both Naruto and Sasuke relied heavily on taijutsu to defeat Momoshiki because ninjutsu simply doesn’t work on this godly being. Momoshiki is someone that Kakashi can’t hope of beating alone, and it is safe to safe that he’s levels below him, in terms of overall power.

Can Kakashi beat Jiraiya with mangekyou Sharingan?

While Jiraiya has incredible power over ninjutsu and can summon powerful allies like Gamabunta, he would prove no match for Kakashi with the twin Mangekyou Sharingan. It’s worth mentioning that some of Kakashi’s most powerful jutsu can strike at Jiraiya from afar, while many of Jiraiya’s jutsu are close-range.

How powerful is Danzo compared to Kakashi?

Even though he has this much power, Danzo simply pales in comparison to Kakashi. By the war arc, Kakashi had trained his Mangekyo Sharingan to a level where he could fight most Kage level shinobi. Thus, taking on Danzo shouldn’t trouble him at all.