Who would win in a fight Komodo Dragon or grizzly bear?

Who would win in a fight Komodo Dragon or grizzly bear?

These can be up to 6 feet long and weigh 600 pounds. if the Komodo gets a bite off, it wins, because the saliva has toxins. I’d say this ends in a tie, because the Komodo will get a bite off, but in the time it takes for the poison to kill the bear, the bear will kill the Komodo.

What animal would beat a grizzly bear in a fight?

Winning facts for both Grizzly Bear and Siberian Tiger: Siberian Tiger is far better hunter than North American grizzly bear. Both grizzly bear and Siberian tiger paw swipes are equally powerful but tiger is more technical than grizzly.

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Who would win a Komodo dragon or a monitor lizard?

King of the lizards: There are over 3,000 lizard species, but the Komodo dragon wins the prize for being the largest living lizard in the world! It is a type of monitor lizard, an ancient group of reptiles with ancestors that date back more than 100 million years.

Who would win in a fight a Komodo Dragon or a crocodile?

The crocodile by far is superior due to its ability to hunt on land and water, along with bone crushing jaws. The Komodo has shear like teeth, good for tearing and shredding their prey but their teeth length would only give the crocodile abrasions even if the Komodo manages to pierce the skin.

Who would win in a fight Komodo dragon or crocodile?

The crocodile has the advantage. They are not too far in mobility, the crocodile has a huge mouth which is harder to evade for the komodo dragon. And if the crocodile catches the komodo dragon, the crocodile is much more powerful and it is unlikely the komodo dragon would be able to escape.

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How strong is a Komodo dragon bite force?

Venom is key to Komodo dragon’s killing power. The team’s computer modelling of the Komodo bite suggests a ridiculously weak bite – a maximum bite force of 39 Newtons, compared to 252 N for an Australian saltwater crocodile of the SAME size.

Can a Komodo dragon kill a human?

A crocodile also attacks and eats humans way more than a komodo dragon can. A crocodile attacks more than 1,000 annually while the dragon has been recorded to kill and eat humans only 10 times since the 1970’s. Find out all about it here: Komodo Dragons Do Attack and Eat Humans but Not Like the Crocodile.

What kind of sound does a Komodo dragon make?

Komodo dragons can make loud hissing sounds, often as a warning to other dragons, or sometimes humans, to back off. This frequently happens when males wrestle to earn mating rights. Adult and adolescent crocodiles can growl, hiss, bellow, or roar.