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Why am I not receiving emails from OnlyFans?

Why am I not receiving emails from OnlyFans?

Make sure that the senders have your correct email address. Check carefully. (We get so many posts in this forum from people complaining that they are getting emails intended for others. Due to wrong address being used.

How do I verify my account on OnlyFans?

In May 2019, OnlyFans introduced a new account verification process that a Creator now must provide a ‘selfie’ along with their ID in the image to prove their identity.

Does OnlyFans send email notifications?

Many people are afraid of whether the OnlyFans send mail to their house. but it’s not like that. OnlyFans does not send any mail to your home. But it definitely sends notification and email.

How do I enable SMS verification on OnlyFans?

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Log into your OnlyFans account and go to your Security Settings: Click the toggle near “Two step verification” on the security page. Follow the instructions to add the QR code or the Key provided to your Authenticator app.

Can OnlyFans Send Me mails?

Yes can send you mails on email. Many people do not want their families to know about OnlyFans. That is why they fear that their family may not know that they use OnlyFans. But nothing to fear. OnlyFans do not send any kind of mail at your home or office. If you have submitted all the documents online then why will they send mail to your home?

How do I contact OnlyFans support?

And you will be able to send the confirmation on OnlyFans and you will receive the mail. If you want to contact them regarding a question or an issue, you can email them via [email protected]. On the other hand, if you want to contact them regarding media and press inquiries, use [email protected].

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Why is my OnlyFans account being rejected by OnlyFans?

If you have not activated SMS service like you do not connect your phone number with your ID then OnlyFans can reject your ID and account. So if you have not yet enabled SMS Service, get it done. I don’t think you will have to face this kind of problem after that.

How do I restore my OnlyFans account after deleting it?

Email > Inbox > Onlyfans (Restore access) > link to restore your account. After you sent the email address that you’ve used to create your OnlyFans account, go to your email. Check your inbox for the incoming email titled, “Restore Access” from OnlyFans.