Why are data science jobs so hard to get?

Why are data science jobs so hard to get?

The main reason is the exponential growth of data science candidates, while the growth in job openings, even though exponential as well, is increasing at a lower pace than the number of applicants. In some ways, this is similar to the explosion of PhD people, while the number of jobs for these people is shrinking.

Are data science jobs hard to get?

In general, getting a job is not an easy task; it becomes more difficult when you’re trying to get a job in a popular and in-demand field such as data science. The difficulty of landing a job is not always the result of the applicant not being good enough or having the right skill set for the job.

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Is data science competitive?

Data science is a competitive field. There are a limited number of tech companies with great data science brands, and the battle for their summer internships and entry-level roles is fierce.

Is data science unethical?

Even the most kindhearted, well-intentioned data scientist can make unethical decisions. In fields like these, data science is used mostly for research and academic theory, rather than to inform real-world behaviors that affect people’s lives.

Is data science for introverts?

This means that the strong observation and evaluation skills of introverts are essential for the first stages of a Data Science problem, but to finally solve it, a team must also be able to efficiently communicate their interpretations and conclusions.

Why are data scientists unhappy in their roles?

The company then get frustrated because they don’t see value being driven quickly enough and all of this leads to the data scientist being unhappy in their role. Robert Chang gave a very insightful quote in his blog post giving advice to junior data scientists:

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How many hours a week do data scientists spend looking for jobs?

But the truth is that data scientists typically “spend 1–2 hours a week looking for a new job” as stated in this article by the Financial Times. Furthermore, the article also states that “Machine learning specialists topped its list of developers who said they were looking for a new job, at 14.3 per cent.

Why can’t a data scientist make a chart?

The data scientist likely came in to write smart machine learning algorithms to drive insight but can’t do this because their first job is to sort out the data infrastructure and/or create analytic reports. In contrast, the company only wanted a chart that they could present in their board meeting each day.

Why do junior data scientists want to get into data science?

Many junior data scientists I know (this includes myself) wanted to get into data science because it was all about solving complex problems with cool new machine learning algorithms that make huge impact on a business. This was a chance to feel like the work we were doing was more important than anything we’ve done before.