Why are they called children of the atom?

Why are they called children of the atom?

These children were born to workers caught in an explosion at an atomic weapons facility, and orphaned just a few months after birth when their parents succumbed to delayed effects from the blast.

What makes someone a mutant in Marvel?

In American comic books published by Marvel Comics, a mutant is a human being that possesses a genetic trait called the X-gene. It causes the mutant to develop superhuman powers that manifest at puberty. The accuracy of this is the subject of much debate in the Marvel Universe.

What is the scientific name for mutants in Marvel?

Homo sapien superior (also known as “mutants”) are humans born with a genetic anomaly that grants them an extra-normal ability not possessed by normal humans.

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Who is the leader of the children of atom?

The Harbormen of Far Harbor are led by the town leader, Captain Avery, and seek to reclaim The Island from the fog that has gradually driven them out of their homes. The Children of Atom live in an old nuclear submarine base called the Nucleus and are led by High Confessor Tektus.

Is Children of the Atom still happening?

Cancelation. Series writer Vita Ayala confirmed that Children of the Atom ended its run with issue #6, released on August 2021.

Is Far Harbor based on a real place?

6 days ago
Welcome to Bar Harbor, Maine. The island of Far Harbor is located in Maine, and it sounds very much like the real-world location of Bar Harbor, also in Maine (where I lived for a bit, a few years ago). …

How do mutants develop their powers?

The majority of mutants develop these abilities, which vary from person to person, usually upon puberty, though there are some mutants who display powers and/or physical mutations from birth, or in their twenties. Some mutants even display abilities from within the womb and posthumously, like Professor Charles Xavier and Jean Grey, respectively.

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What are mutants in Marvel Comics?

Mutants are a species evolved from Homo sapiens sapiens and known as Homo sapiens superior. They are distinguished by the presence of an X-Gene. Characters who gained their superhuman powers from other sources such as radioactive spiders, gamma radiation, cosmic rays, magic, Super-Soldier Serum, etc. are NOT mutants.

What is secondary mutation in the Marvel Universe?

In the Marvel Universe, Secondary Mutation was a fictional worldwide phenomenon among mutants that seemed inexplicable, with many previously established mutant characters suddenly developing new or vastly expanded powers.

How does speciation occur in the Marvel Universe?

The speciation only occurs via macroevolution, a process that takes millions of years and generations via natural selection, what is not the case of the vast majority of mutants in the Marvel Universe, that only started to appear two decades after the end of the World War II (with a few rare exceptions, like Wolverine and Apocalypse ).