Why did Obito let Itachi live?

Why did Obito let Itachi live?

So Obito decided to take matters into his own hands. And when he killed everyone, he must’ve left Itachi alone because it was then that he realised that Itachi was an Uchiha as his Sharigan awoke, so he left him alone, hoping that if needed in the near future, he would be a rather resourceful ally.

Did Obito respect Itachi?

Obito was never afraid of Itachi, in fact Obito was always stronger and more experienced than Itachi, but he always wanted to avoid Itachi to avoid unnecessary problems.

Who awakened Itachi’s Sharingan?

They were Izuna and Madara, the first two Uchiha in existence to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan. Unlike Itachi and Sasuke, who were never both alive with the MS at the same time.

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Did Obito use Itachi to defeat Orochimaru?

So, Obito used itachi, like when Pain defeated orochimaru so easily, and forced him to join and Pain tells sasori that if orochimaru did something i’ll deal with him personally!

Why did Obito kill his Uchiha team?

Answer Wiki. To be very frank, there’s not much information on why Obito killed his team. I bet Obito didn’t even know Itachi was an Uchiha. If he did, then he must’ve done this INTENTIONALLY to awaken Itachi’s Sharigan, no doubt. This way, he could use this as an excuse for Itachi to join the Akatsuki.

What was the last reason Tobi kept Itachi alive?

The last reason Tobi kept Itachi alive was because of Sasuke. As we know, Itachi wasn’t willing to cooperate with Tobi really. But, thanks to Itachi’s death by the hands of Sasuke, Tobi was able to persuade Sasuke into joining him.

Why did Itachi attack the Uchiha family?

When the following day some Uchiha, already suspicious of Itachi, accused him of murdering Shisui and staging a suicide, Itachi lost his composure and attacked them, defeating them easily. A rift was created between Itachi and his family, and his warnings to them to reconsider what they were doing fell on deaf ears.