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Why does the troposphere have a lower temperature?

Why does the troposphere have a lower temperature?

In the troposphere, the temperature generally decreases with altitude. The reason is that the troposphere’s gases absorb very little of the incoming solar radiation. Instead, the ground absorbs this radiation and then heats the tropospheric air by conduction and convection.

Why is the troposphere higher at the equator than the poles?

The troposphere is thicker over the equator than the poles because the equator is warmer. Heat differential on the planet’s surface causes convection currents to flow from the equator to the poles. Thus the simple reason is thermal expansion of the atmosphere at the equator and thermal contraction near the poles.

Why is the temperature much lower than the poles than the equator?

The diagram below helps to explain why the poles are colder than the Equator. The Equator has a smaller surface area so heats up quickly compared to the poles. There is less atmosphere to pass through at the Equator compared to the poles. This means more heat from the sun makes it to the surface of the Earth.

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What causes the lower layers in the troposphere to have higher temperatures than that of the upper troposphere?

In the troposphere, the lowest layer, the source of heat is the earth’s surface, warmed by the sun. This warm air rises and carries heat higher into the troposphere, but cools because of the decreasing pressure as it rises, so the effect is that the air is cooler at higher altitudes within the troposphere.

Why does the troposphere have weather?

All weather occurs in the troposphere because it has a gradient of temperature and water vapor, gases and particulate matter accumulate in this layer….

Why does the troposphere vary in height?

The height of the top of the troposphere varies with latitude (it is lowest over the poles and highest at the equator) and by season (it is lower in winter and higher in summer). Air is warmest at the bottom of the troposphere near ground level. Air gets colder as one rises through the troposphere.

What is higher at equator than at poles?

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The amount of solar energy in a given area is greater at the equator than in an equal area at the poles, which is why the equator temperature is warmer than the polar temperatures.

Why does the troposphere height vary?

The height of the tropopause varies with latitude, season of the year, and the weather conditions. As the temperature decreases with height, so the temperature at the tropopause over the poles will be higher than over the equator because the tropopause is closer to the ground here.

Why does the temperatures increase in the troposphere?

The temperature of the troposphere is highest near the surface of the Earth and decreases with altitude. The temperature is also higher near the surface because of the greater density of gases. The higher gravity causes the temperature to rise. Notice that in the troposphere warmer air is beneath cooler air.

Is the troposphere hot or cold?

The troposphere, the lowest layer of Earth’s atmosphere, is heated from below. The troposphere is warmest at the bottom near Earth’s surface. The troposphere is coldest at its top, where it meets up with the layer above (the stratosphere) at a boundary region called the tropopause.

Why is the troposphere higher at the equator than the Poles?

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It is due to centrifugal force being greatest above the equator. It is NOT due to the centrifugal force being greatest at the equator, though that adds 1, maybe 2\%. It has to do with temperature. Warmer temperature = higher troposphere.

Why is the temperature higher at the polar tropopause?

Since there is lesser cooling of air on polar tropopause as compared to equatorial tropopause the temperatures at polar tropopause is higher. Higher up in the troposphere, where less heat from the surface warms the air, the temperature drops.

How high is the lower atmosphere at the equator?

At the equator it is around 11-12 miles (18-20 km) high, at 50°N and 50°S, 5½ miles and at the poles just under four miles high. The transition boundary between the troposphere and the layer above is called the tropopause. Together the tropopause and the troposphere are known as the lower atmosphere. Views.

What is the temperature at the border of the troposphere?

This is known as the lapse rate, and is taken as 6.5°C per km. At an altitude of between 12 and 15 km, a minimum of -55°C is reached, this is the tropopause, the border between the troposphere and the stratosphere.