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How can I understand any question?

How can I understand any question?

First, read the question carefully. If you misunderstand or misinterpret the question, your entire answer may miss the mark. Notice what the question requires you to do. Notice whether it asks you to explain, discuss, summarize, define, evaluate, compare, analyze, or synthesize.

Why can’t people with ADHD follow instructions?

People with ADHD often struggle with following directions. That’s because ADHD is a problem with executive function. For people with ADHD, medication may help.

Why can’t my child follow instructions?

Another reason kids may struggle to follow directions is that they’re not focused on them. They may get distracted by the smell of dinner cooking or the TV in the background or even by their own thoughts. These things can make it hard for them to “hear” your directions at all.

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How do you read the question carefully?

Tips on How to Understand Questions Properly

  1. Underline/encircle the key word or words to help you remember.
  2. Keep calm and do relaxed breathing.
  3. Answer the easy questions first.
  4. Preview and rephrase the question.
  5. Read each question properly in several times.

How do you read and understand a test question?

Read the stem: First, read the stem and make sure you understand what it is getting at. Look out for double negatives or other twists in wording before you consider the answer. 2. Try to come up with the correct answer: Before you look at the answer choices, try to come up with the correct answer.

What following instructions require?

Following instructions requires the child to attend to detail in spoken language, to sequence the information in the appropriate steps and to seek clarification if they have trouble remembering or recalling the information.

Why can’t I understand things easily?

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Originally Answered: Why can’t I understand things easily? Just because you’re slow to understand things doesn’t mean you will fail in life. Neither does it mean you have a learning disability, working memory and processing speed aren’t considered aspects of intelligence.

Why is it so hard to follow directions?

It’s not a matter of intelligence, but rather challenges with specific skills. Executive function involves many skills, including memory, attention, and planning. Weaknesses in these areas make it hard to follow directions. People might not remember what someone just said .

What happens when students have trouble following directions?

Students who have trouble following directions can easily get frustrated and act out — in addition to not getting work done. Understanding what their behavior is telling you lets you respond to their specific needs.

Why does my child take so long to do things?

They take longer than others to process information and need more time to get the job done. This is often referred to as slow processing speed . The more information you have, the better able you’ll be to help. Try to look for patterns in your child’s behavior.