How is physical contact viewed in your culture in India?

How is physical contact viewed in your culture in India?

Physical Contact: Indians prefer not to touch people when it can be avoided, but they may touch someone’s arm or hand when speaking so long as they are the same gender. Body contact between the genders is kept minimal throughout most of India. For example, hugging, kissing and holding hands are not customary.

Do and don’ts of Indian culture?

12 Indian Etiquette Don’ts

  • Don’t Wear Tight or Revealing Clothing.
  • Don’t Wear Your Shoes Inside.
  • Don’t Point Your Feet or Finger at People.
  • Don’t Eat Food or Pass Objects With Your Left Hand.
  • Don’t Be Offended by Intrusive Questions.
  • Don’t Always Be Polite.
  • Don’t Outright Decline an Invitation or Request.
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What should we not do in Indian culture?

Do not point your finger or touch anything with your feet This is considered rude. If you must draw attention to someone or something, do so with your whole hand or thumb. Also, touching people or objects, especially books and educational instruments, with your feet is considered really disrespectful.

What are some Indian hand gestures?

Indian Hand Gestures and Body Language You Must Know 0

  • The Namaste or Vanakkam.
  • The Nodding and Shaking of Head.
  • Touching feet.
  • Using the right hand to do almost everything.
  • Don’t touch anything with your feet.
  • Say “WOW!” with one hand.
  • Accepting the holy offerings (Prasad) in your hand.

Is it okay to hold hands in public in India?

There’s a joke that it’s okay to “piss in public but not kiss in public” in India. Unfortunately, there is truth to it! While you may think nothing of holding your partner’s hand in public, or even hugging or kissing them, it’s not appropriate in India. Indian society is conservative, particularly the older generation.

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Why is the left hand considered unclean in India?

The left hand is considered to be unclean in India, as it’s used to perform matters associated with going to the bathroom. Therefore, you should avoid your left hand coming into contact with food or any objects that you pass to people.

What are the customs to know before visiting India?

Indian customs to know before visiting India 1. Temple etiquette 2. Prepare to be OVERWHELMED! 3. Public displays of affection 4. Sexuality and women travelers 5. Hands and feet 6. Questions and eyes 7. You’ll be hounded 8. Indian festivals 9. “We are like this only”

Why do people eat with their left hand in India?

The left hand is customarily used for cleaning oneself after defecation, so Indian people never eat with their left hands. Also remember never to pass on anything — money or a gift — to an Indian with your left hand.