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What happened to Meredith Season 5 Episode 1?

What happened to Meredith Season 5 Episode 1?

In the episode, Meredith got off with only a broken pelvis, but on the Office Ladies podcast, it’s revealed that the creators actually contemplated killing Meredith off.

What disease does Meredith have in the office?

She’s contracted herpes, been hit by Michael’s car, had her pelvis broken, had her hair set on fire, caught head lice, and been bitten by a bat, a rat, and a raccoon, all on separate occasions, and had to get rabies post-exposure treatment.

What happens to Meredith’s face in weight loss?

Meredith’s bright red face Several observant Office fans wrote into the podcast to ask Fischer and Kinsey about Meredith’s super red face during the weigh-in scene. Right?” Kinsey said. “And here was the storyline, and it’s shared in the deleted scenes: Meredith gets severely sunburned.”

What happened to Kate Flannery’s face in the office?

Kate Flannery is the face of rabies During the first two episodes of season 4, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) poured his heart into finding a cure for rabies.

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What episode is Meredith engaged to Alex?

If/Then is the thirteenth episode of the eighth season and the 161st overall episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

What happened in Season 5 episode 2 of GREY’s anatomy?

Meredith’s patient’s sister is being driven by her sister’s obsession over her cancer and begs Meredith to talk to her about anything but that. Grey agrees begins whining about her roommates and her Derek dilemma. Sloan decides to check the patient out and discovers that Lexie nailed it.

Is Meredith from the office an alcoholic?

Meredith is alleged to be an alcoholic, and it has been alluded to that she often arrives at work with a hangover, as she has complained that people talk too loudly and that the office lights are too bright in the morning.

Did Michael really hit Meredith?

Flannery’s character Meredith found herself in a fair share of precarious situations — from her hair catching on fire at a holiday party to Dwight trapping her in a bag with a bat. Though Flannery didn’t do every stunt herself, she was actually in that scene where Michael Scott hits Meredith with his car.

Is Meredith an alcoholic?

It becomes obvious early on that Meredith appears to have an alcohol addiction. The camera crew caught her making a mixed drink in the kitchen and sipping it at her desk on Valentine’s Day, she always drank at the office parties, and she was always down for a beer at Poor Richards.

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What is wrong with Meredith on GREY’s anatomy?

While helping a patient during the ferryboat accident, Meredith got pushed into the water and she drowned. She pretty much died for an episode, and Derek realized she let it happen.

Why did Meredith wear a wig in the office?

It’s the Lice episode when Pam unwittingly brings the pests into the office from her daughter who picked them up at school. But Meredith/Kate didn’t actually shave her head. She got fitted for a bald cap and proceeded to wear different wigs in the following episodes, most of which looked awful.

What episode is Meredith high?

After their very first surgery together, Meredith Grey is on a high. Who needs drugs when you have surgery… and McDreamy? Watch this moment from Season 1, Episode 1: A Hard Day’s Night.

What happened to Meredith’s top in the office?

Meredith has an alcohol problem that sometimes affects her job performance. In one episode she passes out with her head on her desk. In another, after a party in the office, she’s so drunk she removes her top in front of Michael in his office after everyone else has left. Michael responds by taking a deep breath/sigh then taking a quick picture.

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What is wrong with Meredith’s face?

Meredith’s Face. (“Weight Loss” episode): During one of the weigh-in scenes, Meredith’s face looked like it had been badly burned, or like she had a skin condition that made it extremely red and puffy. You can also see that it’s shiny, presumably due to a topical medication.

What does Meredith do during the fire in the office?

Meredith watches the office olympics and later views the closing ceremonies. (” Office Olympics “) During the fire, Meredith and the others play several games and Jim and Pam are impressed by Meredith’s list of books. During “Who would you do?”, Meredith lists Jim, Oscar and Toby. (” The Fire “)

What episode does Meredith bring her son to work?

In the episode ” Take Your Daughter to Work Day “, she brings her son, who has been suspended from school. In season one, it is mentioned Meredith has been divorced twice. As it is not mentioned beyond season one, it is unclear whether it was the same man both times.