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What happens if a Spartan lost his shield?

What happens if a Spartan lost his shield?

Plutarch asked, “Why do the Spartans punish with a fine the warrior who loses his helmet or spear but punish with death the warrior who loses his shield?” Because helmet and spear are carried for the protection of the individual alone, but the shield protects every man in the line.

What were Spartan shields made of?

Description. The shield was made of several layers of wood covered in a layer of bronze with a layer of leather in between, to absorb shock. The shield had a strap in the middle of the shield and a handle at the right edge.

What did Spartans put on their shields?

The letter lambda (Λ), standing for Laconia or Lacedaemon, which was painted on the Spartans’ shields, was first adopted in 420s BC and quickly became a widely known Spartan symbol. Military families passed on their shields to each generation as family heirlooms.

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How did the Spartans use their shields?

The spartans would carry their shields on the left side of their body which allowed them to cover the blind spot of the warrior fighting next to them. If a warrior was injured or killed on the outer edge of the formation, the next man behind them would step up and take their place.

What did the Spartans do with their dead?

The Spartans of the classical period would return their war dead to the city, carried on their shields, as described by Plutarch. How do our ratings work? In his collection Sayings of Spartan Women, Plutarch records a phrase that embodies what we think of as the Spartan ideology of military endurance, of honour and integrity, of duty and loyalty.

Why was Sparta in trouble?

By the time they met the Thebans there, Sparta had long been in serious trouble; it was only a matter of time before someone found a way to exploit Sparta’s profound inner weaknesses. The story of Sparta’s decline and fall is an object lesson in the intimate relationship between social organization and military power.

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Why were Spartan soldiers expected to fight without fear?

Spartan soldiers were expected to fight without fear and to the last man. Surrender was viewed as the epitome of cowardice, and warriors who voluntarily laid down their arms were so shamed that they often resorted to suicide.

What are the characteristics of Spartan society?

Sparta. Known as the Agoge, the system emphasized duty, discipline and endurance. Although Spartan women were not active in the military, they were educated and enjoyed more status and freedom than other Greek women. Because Spartan men were professional soldiers, all manual labor was done by a slave class, the Helots.