Where can I go on a rainy day in the Bay Area?

Where can I go on a rainy day in the Bay Area?

Instead of letting a bit of rain thwart your entire trip, check out these exciting rainy day activities in the Bay Area.

  • 1. Walt Disney Family Museum.
  • San Francisco Dungeon.
  • Aquarium of the Bay.
  • Museum of 3D Illusions.
  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMoMA)
  • 6. California Academy of Sciences.
  • Exploratorium.

What should you do when it is raining drive?

Safety Tips For Driving In The Rain

  1. Drive A Clean Car In Good Condition. When visibility is limited by wet weather, it’s important that your car itself doesn’t impede your sight.
  2. Know The Roads.
  3. Switch On Lights, Not Brights.
  4. Slow Down!
  5. Don’t Get In Too Deep.
  6. Steer Where You Want To Go.
  7. Hold Off On Unnecessary Trips.

How do you drive in the rainy season?

10 Tips For Driving In The Rain

  1. Be Alert! Keep your eyes on the road and pay attention to the cars around you.
  2. Turn Your Lights On. Keep your headlights on so that vehicles can see you and you can see them!
  3. Avoid Large Puddles.
  4. Hydroplaning.
  5. Keep Your Distance!
  6. Don’t Brake Suddenly.
  7. Watch Out.
  8. Clear Your Windscreen.
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Where does it rain every day?

For years, two villages have claimed the title as the wettest place on earth. Mawsynram and Cherrapunji are just 10 miles apart, but Mawsynram beats its competitor by a mere 4 inches of rainfall. Although it doesn’t rain all day in Meghalaya, it does rain every day, Chapple told weather.com.

What to do in San Francisco when it’s cold?

10 Things to do in San Francisco in Winter

  • Admire the Lights. Many neighbourhoods and areas, such as Union Square, have elaborate light displays just for the holidays.
  • Eat Good Food.
  • Go to a Basketball Game.
  • Try Ice Skating.
  • Explore the California Academy of Sciences.
  • See a Show.
  • Go Shopping.
  • Visit the Exploratorium.

Should you use traction control in the rain?

Should you drive with traction control in the rain? Traction control performs well in rainy conditions. It helps keep the tires from spinning when hitting slippery conditions. So for rainy days, you can rest assured that your vehicle will maintain a grip around corners.

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Where does it rain a lot in California?

Gasquet is located in the Smith River National Recreation Area and is reputed to be the rainiest place in California with an average annual rainfall of 95 inches (2,400 mm).

What month is rainy season in California?

This pushes the start of the state’s annual rainy season from November to December. Their research looked at 60 years worth of data from weather stations. They used this time period so they could gather weather information from instruments rather than modeling or even tree rings.

Where should I go in the Bay Area in the winter?

The Truckee-Lake Tahoe area is worth the long drive for a weekend of winter fun….10 Unforgettable Places Around San Francisco That Everyone Must Visit This Winter

  • Point Reyes. Roger M/Yelp.
  • Squaw Valley.
  • Lake Tahoe.
  • Calistoga.
  • Big Sur.
  • Mendocino.
  • Monterey.
  • Yosemite.

Is there a scenic drive through the Bay Area?

A scenic drive through the Bay Area is just what you need this summer. Get on the road and explore the beauty of the Bay Area from the comfort of your car. Whether you’re looking for panoramic mountain views, a shady drive through the redwoods, or a breathtaking route along the coast, there’s a road trip for every occasion.

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What are the best ways to see San Francisco without a car?

Last, but not least, is the famous 49 Mile Scenic Drive in San Francisco. If you’re willing to put up with the traffic, pedestrians, and obtrusive roadwork, this is a great way to see the city without getting out of the car.

What are the best things to do in San Francisco?

Get out and hike around, or maybe pack a picnic and stop off at Mineral Springs Picnic Area for lunch. Keep going until you make it to Inspiration Point, and park your car in the lot (if you can snag a spot) and do some exploring. Last, but not least, is the famous 49 Mile Scenic Drive in San Francisco.

What to do on the Panoramic Highway in NorCal?

After driving along the ridge for awhile, make a pit stop at Alice’s Restaurant in Woodside, a charming roadside diner with tons of personality. Grab a motorcycle-themed burger or some BBQ before you head home. If you’re looking to take a whirlwind tour of some of NorCal’s most scenic geography, then the Panoramic Highway is the road for you.