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Which language is best to learn Spanish or Arabic?

Which language is best to learn Spanish or Arabic?

Spanish is easiest language when compared to the Arabic language. Spanish is considered one of the easiest languages for a native English speaker to learn.

Is French or Arabic easier to learn?

You could learn French, Spanish and Italian in about the same amount of time it takes you to learn Arabic. Arabic is definitely the more difficult language to learn. One final bit: literacy rates are a one proxy of how difficult it can be to learn a language.

Which is harder to learn French or Spanish?

Spanish is arguably somewhat easier for the first year or so of learning, in large part because beginners may struggle less with pronunciation than their French-studying colleagues. However, beginners in Spanish have to deal with dropped subject pronouns and four words for “you,” while French only has two.

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Does French sound like Arabic?

French is strongly influenced by Arabic. Roughly 500 French words come from Arabic, and about 100 of these have become so integrated into the French everyday language that most people don’t even know that they weren’t French to begin with.

Is Arabic better than French?

French and Arabic both are very good languages and are used widely everywhere. French has more scope than Arabic but is a bit harder to learn. If you learn it’s very good. But since Arabic is easy I would like to say go for learning Arabic.

How hard is it to learn Arabic if you know Spanish?

Okay, so none of the varieties of Arabic are related to either English or Spanish. Arabic is going to be a challenge. But if you know Spanish, you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Thanks to around 800 years of Moorish influence in Spain, the Spanish and Arabic languages actually share a deep pool of vocabulary.

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Is it easier to learn French or Spanish first?

In fact, about one-third of English vocabulary comes from French, making it a great choice. That being said, French can be a tad difficult due to complicated word-endings and vowel sounds. Spanish is a phonetic language, making it simpler to learn since the spelling rules are always the same.

What are the benefits of learning Arabic?

The benefits of learning Arabic are manifold. The Arabic language covers an enormous swath of the Middle East and North Africa, including millions of people who aren’t comfortable speaking English or Spanish. Plus, with Arabic, Spanish and English, you’ll know exactly half of the official working languages of the UN!

Is Spanish a good language to learn for business?

In both Europe and the US, Spanish is the most commonly spoken language after English. It is also the officially spoken language of four continents. This makes learning Spanish very beneficial, especially for those in business simply due to the number of people who speak it. How to learn it: Best Resources to Learn Spanish